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Best Tips to Build Your Business From Other People’s Work

So, you are about to make money promoting a product for your affiliate marketing campaign. Why not leverage the value of every customer by thinking beyond the front-end commission?

You can maximize your income instantly by taking things a step further and focusing on building YOUR business while promoting other people’s products.

You do this by building a targeted mailing list of your own!

You probably already know the importance of having a mailing list in any business online. It will give you instant access to a built-in customer base, help you solidify your place in the market and build a recognized brand. But did you know that even as an affiliate marketer, you can start building your own list without a product of your own?

You now understand the importance of creating bonus products as part of your affiliate marketing campaign, but here’s where things get interesting. Rather than just offer a bonus as part of their purchase, you can offer additional FREE bonuses in exchange for their subscription to your list.

Sounds simple? That’s because it is. You build a squeeze page around every product and topic you plan to promote, and on the squeeze page you highlight the key benefits of joining your list, including the free bonus items that will become available instantly after each visitor subscribes to your list.

Just make sure that your bonus ties in directly with the product you are promoting, so that you can build an individual mailing list for every market. This will make it easier to segment later on, so you can effectively target your core customers.

Your bonus offers can be anything imaginable, provided it adds direct value with the main product, including:

• Audio/Video Guides
• Ebooks & Reports
• Software & Graphics
• PLR Products (offer resell rights to your customers and give THEM a bonus they can offer their customers as well!)
• eCourses
• Templates & Web Design elements
One critical part of the process is to “circulate” your bonus items in your affiliate marketing campaign.

You don’t want to offer the same item on your squeeze page for more than a few months before switching it up to offer something else.

That way, you don’t have to worry about losing potential subscribers simply because they’ve seen the same bonus on another squeeze page.

Use private label as the foundation for all of your bonus products, and you’ll be able to create new offers quickly and easily, every few months. Keep your offers fresh!

If you’d like to learn the insider strategies to creating your very own UNIQUE bonus products (that no one else can ever offer but you).

Final Tips

Packing value into your affiliate marketing campaign is easy, even if you’ve never done it before. It will help you stand out in the marketplace, and will maximize your affiliate income instantly, just by giving more to your customers than they will find anywhere else.

When you position yourself as a super affiliate who has genuine interest in offering your customers extended value, you will never struggle to motivate customers to purchase through you. They would be silly not to!

Part of your affiliate plan of action should include creating your own creative media and material, so that you aren’t using the same banners and graphics as everyone else. Plus, by creating your own banners and material you can customize it around your website theme, color scheme and preferences.

One of the easiest ways of building your own instant affiliate banners is with InstantBannerGraphics.com

You don’t need any design experience or technical “know-how” to get started. You can simply create instant banners and graphics using this powerful software.

All that’s left is for you to take action and apply these strategies to your affiliate marketing campaign.

Focus on building a full inventory of bonus items that you can implement into existing campaigns and new ones that highlight clear value and motivate your customer base into taking action.

If YOU take action, they will too!

To your success,