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8 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Solutions is Effective

Mobile marketing solutions has long been one of the primary points of contact between marketers and customers, but another form of contact is quickly coming to the forefront. Mobile marketing is rapidly increasing in popularity as more and more people subscribe to cellular service. Mobile phones are becoming so commonplace that even teenagers and children are carrying them, and some people are even using them instead of home phone service!

Mobile Marketing Solutions

By some estimates, only 10% of emails are even read. Most people get at least 50 emails each day, so it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd. Click through rates in emails have plummeted recently. According to Lyris.com, the average email CTR was as high as 15% back in 2005. In February 2010, a study by Silverpop.com showed the average CTR was 4.5%, and the median was a shocking 2.4%! Relying on email alone these days can be ruinous to your conversions.

In this report, I’m going to teach you how to use mobile marketing for any type of business or professional marketing you may need to do. You’re going to find out why you should be using mobile marketing, and how to get started quickly, easily, and inexpensively. It’s easier than you think!

Benefits of Capturing Mobile Contacts:

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If you have an email list already, you may wonder why you should capture mobile leads at all. After all, isn’t email more effective? The fact is, email marketing is incredibly effective, but so is mobile marketing. Moreover, mobile marketing has different applications. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should be using mobile marketing in addition to email marketing.


Did you know many people check their text messages many times more often than they check their email? Many people read a text message as soon as it comes in, and most mobile phone users have their phones with them everywhere they go.

That’s not true of computers. With computers, you have to wait for a user to get to their computer to respond. However, your email may get lost in a sea of dozens or hundreds of others by the time they get there.

With mobile marketing solutions, your message isn’t as likely to get lost in the shuffle, as most people will read it as soon as it comes in. They’re also likely to respond quickly if they are interested, because they may have internet access right on their phone.


The “Hip” Factor:

Mobile Marketing Solution

A lot of younger people distrust companies, especially large corporations. They have become distrustful of the corporate culture in general. They prefer to do business with companies they trust, especially companies that are run by a younger, hipper crowd.

By using mobile marketing solutions, you can set yourself apart from your competition. You can give your business the “hip factor” that will make the younger generation trust you more, while also reaching the older generation.

It’s Affordable:

Mobile advertising has become remarkably affordable through services such as www.SendTextAlerts.com. You don’t have to be a large corporation with a huge marketing budget to take advantage of mobile marketing!
You can send unlimited messages for just one small fee with services like this!


Who Needs Mobile Marketing Solutions?

Mobile marketing solutions can be used for both local and national marketing campaigns, and by any type of business or organization. It can be used for affiliate promotions, local business marketing, retail locations, online businesses, churches, schools, and even non-profit organizations!

Uses for Mobile Marketing:

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Here are some examples of ways different types of companies and organizations can use mobile marketing solutions:

  • A local restaurant could send coupons
  • A retail store could alert customers of upcoming sales
  • A church could notify parishioners about events and issues
  • An accountant could remind clients of upcoming tax dates
  • A school could remind parents about report cards, meetings, fundraisers, and sporting events
  • An individual marketer could promote affiliate products
  • A charity could send people announcements about fundraisers and events
  • A musician, writer, actor, or artist could notify fans of book signings, concerts, new movies or book releases, appearances, etc.
  • A dentist could remind people to schedule an appointment for a yearly checkup and cleaning
  • A mechanic could offer a discount on air conditioning flush and fill before summer

These are just a few ways individuals, companies, and organizations can make use of mobile marketing. Almost everyone who has anything to sell can benefit from reaching their customers this way. And it doesn’t matter if your average client or customer is young or older. Even older generations are making use of cell phones these days. Most demographic groups use them, so you can reach almost any type of user you need!

Using Mobile Marketing with Email Marketing:

Mobile marketing can easily be used in conjunction with email marketing. You shouldn’t replace email marketing entirely, because it is still very effective. However, you should definitely start using the two together.
For one thing, you can use mobile marketing to remind people to sign up to your email list if they haven’t already. This can be done by occasionally sending your mobile list a message like this:
This will help get more subscribers onto your email list, and it will also remind mobile subscribers to check their email for your latest email. You can use your email list for sending out local messages, and send shorter notifications by mobile. Remember to keep your mobile messages to 160 characters or less, because many mobile carriers limit text messages, and you don’t want to risk your messages getting cut off.


When Mobile Marketing Kills Email:

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Mobile marketing can actually be even better in some cases than email marketing. While it’s best to use the two in conjunction, mobile marketing can sometimes be used on its own with a better effect than email.

Let’s say you own a small costume and party shop, and you build a list of local customers. It’s Halloween, around 3 PM. Many of your customers would be at work or school, and might not get home to get an email until it was too late to do any last minute shopping.

Now, imagine being able to contact them while they are at work, school, or sitting in traffic on the freeway. You could send them a message about a sale and have them receive it in minutes, no matter where they are.
You could send something like:

“Party World has 30-50% off last minute costumes and Halloween decorations today until 10 PM ONLY! Hurry in!”
This message would reach their mobile phones no matter where they were, allowing them to stop in and grab some last minute items on their way home. However, if they got home, they might not feel like going all the way back out to buy stuff.

This is just one way mobile marketing can totally slaughter email marketing. As I mentioned before, email marketing definitely has its uses. Since you can send much longer messages, you will probably still want to use email for many types of messages. However, mobile marketing can reach people in ways email can’t.

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Mobile marketing is GREAT for gathering people VERY quickly. Let’s say you have an event going on and you need people to come to it right away. By the time people got home and checked their email, it could be over! But what if you could reach them instantly, no matter where they were? For example, what if a news crew came to your business to interview customers about a new promotion? You could get people to come in right away by sending a text message!
What if you were just 2 sales away from winning an affiliate sales contest, and you only had a couple of hours to get those last two sales? Easy! Just send a text message and reach your entire list in just minutes!
As you can see, there are applications for mobile marketing that can’t be done with email marketing. So even if you are using email marketing, you can still use mobile marketing to augment promotions, and for applications where you need to reach people immediately.
Plus, by building a large list of local users, you can sell services to local businesses. You can offer to contact your list on their behalf in exchange for a flat fee or a commission. This will let you reach customers on behalf of clients, and this is a service that wouldn’t have as many competitors.
If you only have a local email list, you may be competing with other people who have lists locally and are promoting that list to business owners. However, not as many people build mobile marketing lists. This gives you an opportunity other people won’t have to market to businesses in your local area.

Of course, you can build national lists, as well. You don’t have to focus solely on local lists. By building national lists, especially if you segment them by niche, you can promote affiliate products, promote your own products and services, and sell promotions to other companies. There are so many ways to use mobile marketing, and in many cases mobile marketing can be even more effective than email.

Mobile Marketing Solution:

One great service for building a mobile marketing list is Send Text Alerts. For one flat fee, you can send unlimited text messages! This makes it an extremely affordable solution.
The service is incredibly easy to use. If you can use an autoresponder to manage a mailing list, you can definitely use Send Text Alerts to manage your mobile marketing list. It’s even easier to use than a typical autoresponder service.

Earn Extra Money

You can earn extra money by promoting the Send Text Alerts service to other business owners and individuals. You can earn a commission for referring people to the service, and you could also make extra money by teaching them how to use the service (or even charge a monthly fee for managing their mobile list on their behalf!)