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7 Lucrative High Paying Freelancer Careers For Earning A Steady Income

If you decide to get started with as a freelancer careers today, wouldn’t you want to be  following the career path that yields the highest income? Lots of people think that way. And it makes good sense , doesn’t it?

Although , it’s much more complicated than that . Simply because a skill has a greater demand or pays well than the others doesn’t mean it’s the ideal route to  follow. There’s a good reason why some writers earn $5 on Fiverr to write a 1000 word article whilst another earn $150 for the same job someplace else.

Being paid well depends upon your skill set, experience, and the quality of work.  With that said , it’s also vital that you know your market and observe which kind of jobs and skills make money the most to enable you to start mastering a new skill or plan for a future freelancing career.

For anyone who are interested in making a stable income or retiring early, listed here are the jobs that earn the most in the freelancing industry .

#1 Programming And Software Development

Programming-And-Software Development

Programming work, particularly software and mobile app development, will pay the highest for freelancer careers. Simply because it’s a skill that’s quite hard to master and there aren’t several good coders available. So, the demand for high-quality coders is pretty high.

Of course, you won’t be able to start off charging $1 ,000 an hour immediately . You’ll need to gradually develop your credibility. If you have strong skills in programming languages like iOS and WebGL , you can start charging around $150 per hour, or more.

#2 Web Design And Development

Based on an UpWork statistics report, PHP Development is the leading most in- demand skill of 2015. Website Design ranks at the 7th spot. There’s great need for web designers. However , it’s worth mentioning that the
freelance web design industry is quite crowded right now because it’s simple to learn website design and start coding

The ideal technique is to find a niche in the field. You’ll probably be capable of earning more should you offer the
right type of services to the right customers .

#3 Content Marketing/Writing

Thanks to the growth in online marketing trends along with the development of new methodologies , such as Inbound Marketing, content writing is now regarded as one of hottest areas for freelancer career.

#4 Graphic Design

Graphic design ranks at number 2 on the UpWork’s most desired skills list. If you check out its top freelancers under the graphic design category, you’ll find some freelancers who make-up to $85 per hour doing design work .

Infographic design has greater need these days. Logo design, icon design and also illustrations pay out pretty well too But, like with article writing to become a good graphic designer , you’ll have to develop an eye for design .

#5 Copywriters

freelancer careers

Copywriters differ from content marketers and writers . These kind of freelancers focus on writing content for website pages , descriptions for products , services, etc. The cost rates for copywriters depend on each freelancer’s degree of experience and skill.

#6 Video Editors

Freelance video editors in the United States earns around $72 ,000 each year, while more skillful video editors make around $122 ,000 per year. The need for video editors in the freelance industry saw a rise within the last few years , thanks to the opportunities given by platforms like YouTube, Facebook  and also Instagram .

#7 Social Media Managers


Social media marketing is an important aspect of brand and business marketing strategies . Nearly every business , including small local coffee shops to large corporate brands , currently use social networks to advertise their products and brand.

This opened up a huge opportunity for freelancer careers, when many of these brands and businesses began searching for people who would administer their social media channels for them . Now , it’s a whole industry of its own .

Earnings for social media managers in the United States range from $46 ,000 per year and as much as $72 ,000 per year , based on PayScale. A quick search on LinkedIn brought up over 9 ,000 job outcomes for Social Media Administrators in the US alone . And over 2 ,000 jobs in India.